Money to Burn? Go gold-plated with Dyson’s glittering new Supersonic


Not content with getting you to fork out £300 for their standard ‘Supersonic’ hair dryer, Dyson’s have taken it one, unbelievable step further.   A gold plated supersonic hair dryer no less.  Not just gold-plated but, according to Dyson, “hand gilded in gold leaf, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer perfectly blends engineering precision with artisan craft.”

If you’re a self-respecting A list celeb wannabe, this is obviously your must-have item this autumn.  Made with 23.75-karat gold, it’s more solid and valuable than most wedding rings.  Hey, that’s a more useful gift to ask from your fiance.  Alternatively, if you’re a smart salon-owner, this could make your clients feel very, very special.

Is it worth it?  Well, I never in all my days thought I’d be reviewing a gold-plated hairdryer.  And at this moment, Dyson are being a bit slow with supplying us with our free samples.  Why’s that, Dyson? We only asked for five!

At £399.99, it certainly is the ultimate luxury hairdryer.  And it is no doubt a really, truly beautiful thing.  Encased in a deep, red velvet lined box that could be holding a diamond necklace, the cobalt blue and gold is reminiscent of royalty – of Kate’s and Diana’s engagement ring.  Of class, wealth and bling, blingety, bling.

Is it for me?  Well, I’d be tempted to melt the gold off it, mould myself a nice couple of tasteful earrings, and then blast my hair the normal supersonic way.    But then, I’m not quite Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton or Beyonce for that matter:  “If you like it then you should’ve put a hairdryer on it”.  Yes, I did warn you I wasn’t Beyonce.

Our verdict?   Outrageously gorgeous.  If you’ve got money to burn, do it the Dyson way.  Just hope the gold doesn’t melt during your blowdry.  (Erm, we reckon they’ve probably tested this – Ed.)

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