Choosing a hair dryer


If you’re trying to choose a hairdryer, online choice can be overwhelming.  They all look the same (or nearly), they’re all claiming the same things and the terminology and technology are baffling!

From ceramic and tourmaline to ionic and infrared, there are so many buzzwords surrounding different hair dryers, which can leave any buyer feeling completely perplexed. Surely all hair dryers are the same? They just dry your hair, right? Wrong! Hair dryers really are created differently, and choosing the right hair dryer for you all depends on the type of hair you have, as well as your budget, lifestyle, and needs. This is why you need to take care and consideration when shopping so you can be sure that the hair dryer you choose is the perfect match for you.

Stress no longer – here are our tips to help you buy the right hairdryer for you.

Firstly, what should you consider when looking for a hair dryer?

  • Your hair type – Your hair type will play a critical role in determining what type of hair dryer is going to be right for you. Ceramic infrared hair dryers are ideal if your hair is dry and/or fine. However, if you have thick hair, hair that is difficult to dry, or frizzy hair, a tourmaline ionic dryer will be ideal.
  • Your budget – Work out how much money you have available to spend on a hair dryer before you start shopping and this will help you to narrow down your search. There are hair dryers available to suit all budgets today.
  • Your lifestyle – You need to consider your lifestyle when looking for a hairdryer. Do you have a newborn and require a hair dryer that is as quiet as possible? Maybe you are constantly travelling and you need a hair dryer that you can take with you on all of your trips?

We’ve tried to provide you with clear advice and useful guides here, including an insight into the different types of hair dryers and the terminology used, as well as a look at the nozzles and accessories that come with hair dryers too. You will also be able to read our reviews on the different hair dryers that are available for sale. There are a number of factors we have considered to determine whether a hair dryer is any good or not. This includes appearance, controls and settings, user handling, noise level, and value for money. Let’s take a look at each category in further detail…

  • Appearance – Our reviewers rank the appearance of the hair dryer based on a number of different factors. This includes the box, packaging, and branding, as well as the switches, cord, and buttons. How easy are the buttons to use? Is the function of each button evident? How long is the cord? The gloss level and colour are also taken into account.
  • Controls / settings – We also review all of the settings and controls that the hair dryer comes with, including the cool / set button, power and speed controls, temperature settings, and any other options that come with the dryer in question.
  • User handling – How does the hair dryer feel in the user’s hand? Is it lightweight? Is it big or small? How easy is it to use? After all, we don’t want to feel like we have a challenge on our hands every time we go to dry our hair.
  • Noise level – This point is pretty self-explanatory. How noisy is the hair dryer? This is an important factor to consider whenever purchasing a hair dryer.
  • Value for money – Once all of the former points have been considered and established, we then look at the price tag to determine whether the hair dryer represents value for money or not.

By aligning your needs with the reviews on this site, you should have no trouble finding the perfect hair dryer for your needs. Remember, it is all about purchasing something that is right for your hair type, your lifestyle, and what you are hoping to achieve with regards to your daily look.