BaByliss 2667U Curl Secret Hair Styler Review

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Reviewed by: Charlotte

Looking to transform your straight hair in to gorgeous bouncy curls?  Then this could be the styler for you!  I was introduced to the Babyliss 2667u curl secret hair styler by a couple of friends who swore it was the only thing that would provide lasting curls.  At the time, I couldn’t believe that I needed to spend over £100 to achieve this and so despite being impressed when I tried theirs, I bought a much cheaper wand.  It was a case of you get what you pay for, unfortunately.  After numerous burns and hair tangles, I regretted my decision.  So, when I saw the babyliss curler in the sale at Boots for £79.98 I snapped it up!

My daughter and I both have dead straight, long, fine hair and so creating curls that don’t drop instantly can be quite a challenge but the results from this Babyliss styler have been miraculous.  We mainly use this for my daughter who is dance mad and often needs ringlets in her hair for shows and competitions.  You do need to section the hair off and patiently work through carefully inserting section by section of hair in to the styler but the results are great and you just need a bit of hair spray to keep it looking great for hours (with looser curls visible for days).  On the odd evening out, I have also tried this on my own hair with similar success, although I do leave my hair in the ‘machine’ for a little less time as I’m not so keen on the ‘shirley temple’ look.

Having also watched a few friends use this on their daughters hair, I would say that the best results seem to be on people with naturally straight hair, its not really for just plumping up existing curly hair.  Do make sure you don’t get distracted and leave it in for too long though as your hair will get tangled up in it!

I appreciate at full price this is an expensive piece of hair styling kit but if you would use it often or even better can get it in the sale, like I did, i would highly recommend it.

*Price at time of writing the review.


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