Tresemme Smooth Keratin Hot Air Styler review

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A good value buy. Not as powerful as some hair dryers but a decent styler that I would recommend for hair length above the shoulder.

Overall Score 3.5
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Reviewed by: Charlie

I bought the Tresemme Smooth Keratin Hot styler after a borrowing a friend’s on a girl’s weekend away a few years ago.  I really liked the idea of drying and styling my hair with 1 device rather than struggling with a hair brush and hair dryer at the same time.  It is much easier for me to manage and the firm plastic bristles add body to my hair.  I understand the tourmaline – ceramic technology used is also what gives my hair a nice, smooth finish.  It is still working fine but I have found that it is only really used by my visiting mum now as my new ghd hair dryer is so much quicker.  It is questionable whether my hair looks better these days but I have long hair that takes a while to dry and as a time stretched working mum a few extra minutes saved a day is important.

For a while we only used this Tresemme Hot Air Styler at home but my daughter recently begged me for a new hair dryer as the styler can pull her long, fine hair and get tangled in it, often ‘burning’ her head! There are 3 heat settings though so you can choose the setting that best suits your hair type.  I would usually start with a warm one and then end with the cold to set my style (or prevent head burning!) and ensure that I was not leaving the styler really hot, as it takes a while to cool down.  I have also found that it is best to brush my / my daughters hair fully before using it otherwise it gets stuck.  Of course, this does contradict advice that suggests brushing your hair when it’s wet can cause it to break but we couldn’t use the styler otherwise.

At £29.99 I think this is a decent buy, I would recommend it for no longer than shoulder length hair though. Bear in mind that it is not as powerful as some of the newer more expensive dryers but it is much cheaper than buying individual dryers and brushes and offers a good wavy finish (not curls).  My girl friend and my Mum still love their’s and have bought the same model when the original one has packed up (after a year or 2). The Styler also comes with a bottle of Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray which helps to control frizz.

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