Tesco 2000W Hair Dryer review

Tesco 2000W Hairdryer review Not currently available
£10 at Tesco
Final Thoughts

If you're strapped for cash, this is a bargain buy. No frills and not for frizz but does the job for a quick & cheap pre-work blast.

Overall Score 4
Controls & Settings
User handling
Noise level
Value for money
Reviewed by: Barney

Sadly this little bargain is no longer available since Tesco got rid of their ‘Tesco Direct’ section of the business.  Try the Remington hairdryer at £13?  Or the slightly more grown-up 5* Remington Turbo version at £22.


A quick click on the Tesco Direct website and I’d bought a hair dryer for a tenner.

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest – it said it had reasonable power (2000W ) and enough controls to keep me from burning my ears if the heat got too much.  Beyond that, I wasn’t too bothered about extra features, and to be honest at that cheap price just needed some hot air to come out fast.

2 years on, it’s still going strong, dries my barnet quickly and the cord stretches to the mirror –  essential as I’m short on plug sockets in the bedroom and naturally want to see how gorgeous I look on 6 hours sleep (if I’m lucky).

So what’s the spec?

Well – 2000W power (or 2200W according to Tesco’s website – sort it out). This works for me but isn’t as powerful as more expensive dryers and not great if you’ve got long or thicker hair.

3 speed settings and 2 heat settings plus the cool button which apparently is important but I don’t personally bother with – just as well as it’s not technically at a temperature I’d call ‘cool’.

It’s black.   That’s about as much as I can say about appearance – sorry Advisor team – can’t say much more than that about appearance.  It’s ok – definitely not the Ferrari of the hair drying world, more of a Skoda.

Nozzle attachment fitting is a bit loose and the wife says it’s too wide for a sleek blow-dry.

But it’s a TENNER!  And it’s still doing the basic job in hand – drying my mop with no fuss and no frills – ultimately fine by me.

Not currently available