ghd Paddle Brush

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Final Thoughts

A good quality, sturdy paddle type hair brush. Good for long hair that can be prone to knots.

Overall Score 4.5
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Reviewed by: Charlie

I know this review isn’t for a hair dryer but I wanted to share my delight in this great blow drying accessory, the ghd paddle brush.  I was given it for Christmas after dropping a few hints and love it!  Strong and sturdy, this is a good quality hairbrush.  Like most of the ghd products, the design is sleek – black with a gold end.  My hair is straight and just below shoulder length and despite always using conditioner, it can be very knotty when wet, followed by static once I have blow dried it.  This paddle brush glides through my hair, untangling it quickly and enables me to blow dry to a smooth, soft finish.

I have previously always used Denham Paddle brushes which I was happy with but found after a while the brush pad would come away and I would have to buy another.  Hopefully, this won’t happen with this hairbrush – it does feel sturdy so fingers crossed!

The ghd paddle brush is quite big and a little heavy, so I would recommend this as your primary hair brush for home rather than as a handbag hair brush.

I would highly recommend this hairbrush for anyone with medium to long straight hair, like mine.

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