GHD Air Hair Dryer review

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A high end hair dryer from a salon professional brand which will dry your hair quickly.

Overall Score 4.5
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Reviewed by: Charlie

My GHD Air hair dryer has altered my morning routine for the better. I now leave the house with dry, well coiffured hair! For years I had left my hair to dry naturally and only used a hot air styler when I was going out somewhere special.   The main reason was time. I am a Mum of 2 school age children with long coloured hair and I find that I can dry my hair in 5 minutes with my new GHD Air, leaving it looking smooth and sleek rather than feeling burnt or dried out. There are a couple of power and heat settings on this hair dryer and I usually use the more powerful ones for me and the lower setting for my daughter who complains if it gets too hot.  I’m no expert but I believe that if I use the ‘cool shot’ button on the hair dryer, it sets my hair style, so I have been using this too and several people have commented on my hair looking great! It also cools the hair dryer down, so I don’t feel paranoid about leaving it still hot when I need to go out.

The GHD (which stands for Good Hair Day!) Air seems to be a popular choice for the 35-50 years age group and a number of people have provided us with feedback on their experiences of this hair dryer.  Like me, they have all been impressed with the speed of drying. Additional benefits are the long cord, attractive design and packaging and that using this hair dryer seems to reduce frizz.

It is pretty expensive though, available at John Lewis for £99 for the hair dryer with a narrow nozzle only or £115 if you opt for the GHD Air Hair drying kit which also includes a diffuser, 2 clips and a radial brush.  We have also had varying feedback on the weight of the hair dryer. I have found it easy to use and a manageable weight but I can understand why some people may not be packing it in their suitcase for holidays, as it is not compact.  

The GHD Air comes with a 1 year manufacturer guarantee but 2 years are offered if you buy the hair dryer from John Lewis, as I did.   You can also buy the new ghd Air® Limited Edition Hairdryer, Saharan Gold, as far as I can see it’s the same hair dryer but it looks smarter with ‘shimmering gold accents’.  

I would recommend this hair dryer for busy professionals or Mum’s who like to look their best but are time constrained.  

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