Careparenting Mini Foldable Compact Kids Hair Dryer Review

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A great little hair dryer for young kids under 10 years - quiet and not too hot.

Overall Score 5
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

Currently unavailable:  read our review instead of the excellent Deogra 1000W Children’s Hair Dryer.


Many people have asked us about children’s hair dryers and unfortunately, there aren’t too many specifically made for kids.  So we were thrilled to take a look at the Careparenting mini foldable kid’s hair dryer which provides a well thought through practical design for kids.  This hair dryer is diddy, so small, it is half the size of my ‘grown up’ GHD Air hair dryer but isn’t that just right for a child?  Adult hair dryers can be really heavy and this one is nice and light just right for an independent child who is keen to dry their hair themselves.  As well as the size and weight, Careparenting have also thought about extra safety for kids by putting a honeycomb cover on the back end of the hair dryer so hair can’t get sucked in and also ensuring the temperature remains constant and cannot go over 45 degrees and scald a child.  That said, like any hair dryer, if its held closely for too long in one place, 45 degrees will feel pretty hot, so I’d keep the hair dryer moving around.

I wish this hair dryer had been around when my son was younger, as it is also very quiet.  He hated having his hair dried as he didn’t like the noise but this hair dryer has been designed with kids like him in mind.  The hair dryer comes in 2 colours – Blue or fuschia pink with blue.  Brightly colourful again to appeal to young children but not so personalised that they should grow out of it too quickly like the Princess and Hello Kitty ones you can buy.   Personally, I prefer the look of the pink (& blue) hair dryer and I guess others do as well as it is currently slightly more expensive!

This hair dryer is also marketed as a travel hair dryer.  Beware this is a children’s hair dryer – home or away and would take some time to dry most adult’s hair.  It has a foldable handle and the size and weight make it easy to pack.  For everyday, I would recommend this hair dryer for children under the age of 8, however we are using it for my 10 year old daughter’s dance competitions, as it fits in her hair and make up case.  A bit extravagant at £22.99 for dance hair only but for every day use and with a 12 month money back guarantee, I think this is a good buy.

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