Babyliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer review

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A sleek, lightweight hairdryer with a nice-feel diffuser. Good for curly, frizzy hair.

Overall Score 4.5
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Reviewed by: Susannah28

This hair dryer is a newest version of the Babyliss dry & curl diffuser hair dryer that we reviewed last year (please see below).  The key differences are the appearance and price, both of which in our opinion have improved.  The hair dryer is now black and rose gold and looks very sleek and at £19.99* at the time of writing, it is half the price of the older model. A bargain in our opinion. Read our original review below for further information.

For those with curly or wavy hair this is a great buy.  It’s got a modern, sleek, black and silver design and all the functions you need for a decent blow-dry.

The power (2100 Watts) is not a problem for my hair – I have very fine curly hair,  baby hair I call it – and the Babyliss dryer dries it in 5 mins with time to spare.   The diffuser is gorgeous – this is the best bit about the product as far as I’m concerned.  It’s moulded in deep waves of good quality black plastic and pops onto the end of the hair dryer with a satisfying click just to show it’s not going anywhere.   I like to do a bit of a massage with the diffuser when drying my hair as it seems to invigorate my head and my hair, and this one feels lovely on my scalp – strong, confident but gentle – just how I like my men.   Am I allowed to say that in a review?!!

Anyway, the end result is pleasing – soft waves generally where I want them and no frizz (well done, Babyliss).   The controls are enough for what you need  –  3 heat settings plus  there’s a cool button to try and set the curls at the end of the dry and 2 speed settings.   Argos delivery and the packaging were great – only other minor issue is that the cord is a bit short for me and I’m starting to find this annoying as I’m perched on the edge of my bed to make it stretch.

Basically, if you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair this is an excellent choice of hair dryer and not expensive.   If you want an all-round hair dryer for lots of people in your household though you probably want to look at a different product.  The nozzle is too wide for a sleek straight-haired blow dry and there’s not enough power to dry thicker straight hair.    But for my crazy curls / frustrating frizz – it’s just fine 🙂

*price at time of reviewing.  

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