BaByliss Big Hair 50mm 2885U Styler review

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A brilliant tool to have in your styling kit, at a fair price but it probably won't replace your hair dryer.

Overall Score 4
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Reviewed by: Abby

This rotating brush was recommended by my mum and sister as an alternative to a traditional hair dryer. After about two years of frequent use the motor has now worn out so the rotating function no longer works but I will definitely be investing in a new one. It is an excellent idea, combining hair dryer and brush in one handy device. Its light weight which is also a plus and uses ionic technology which helps to dry your hair quicker. It works quite well on my hair which is thick, wavy and chin-length and is much easier to manipulate than wielding a brush and dryer in each hand. The natural boar and nylon bristles are a little too soft and short for very thick or coarse hair though. I think this would work best on above-the-shoulder or shorter hair but maybe ok for finer long hair. I wouldn’t recommend it for very long hair as there’s a risk long strands would get caught in the rotating mechanism. Ouch! Having said that, it is almost the only thing I can use on my thick, mid-length hair and achieve anything like the smooth finish I enjoy from a professional blow dry. I find it works best when my hair is already semi-dry and I definitely have to work section by section to get a smooth finish. It takes practice but is especially good for curling ends under or giving them a flick.

The main benefits for me, have been that it is  lightweight, great for smoothing and good for adding volume. It also has a longer than average cord of 2.5m which is useful.  The brush rotates in two directions for curling ends under or out and features two heat/power settings and a cool option.  It also comes with a 2 year guarantee from John Lewis which for a £40 product is pretty good.  

The main disadvantages I have encountered are that the rotating mechanism is unlikely to last longer than a year or two. If you find this gadget useful, you’ll have to replace it when it wears out. It also doesn’t rotate on the cool setting. The power is only really sufficient on the warmest setting and even then, at 700W, it is not really powerful enough. For thick hair like mine, the bristles are a bit too soft and need cleaning regularly.  Despite a few negatives, I would recommend this as it’s a good value styler. 

*price at time of reviewing

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